Monday, 21 February 2011

Who says fashion should be something that everyone would wear?
Geri Halliwell you are an inspiration <3

During a trip to Paris I sneakily took photos of iconic works in an exhibition at the Musee de La Mode et du Textiles (Museum of Fashion and Textiles). This piece is from Dior and was designed by John Galliano.
Seeing this and many more world famous garments in one place was breathtaking, even if taking photos is taboo. 

This 3D experimentation is a contintuation of the Creative Approaches to Fashion module. I have used wadding to create depth, shape and texture. I loved making these little 'mushrooms' and took this technique onto the final garment.

Part of the Creative Approaches to Fashion module. This is the beginning of my experimental drawings, using oil pastel and drawing inks along with more textural materials.